• Aircraft painting

    Aviat Global’s Avalon facility can accommodate rotary and fixed wing aircraft, from regional turboprops up to large wide body aircraft including A330, B777 and B747.

Aviat Global aircraft painting and re-finishing

Rotary and fixed wing aircraft from regional turboprops through to large wide body aircraft including A330, B777 and B747.

Certified to paint all aircraft types

Aviat Global’s Avalon facility is a dedicated aircraft refinishing centre. We provide:

  • painting services for all aircraft types, including rotary and fixed wing aircraft from regional turboprops to large wide body aircraft including A330, B777 and B747, in conjunction with your nominated Part 145 provider, and
  • a one-stop service offering full strip, re-paint, refurbishment, minor modifications, servicing and issue of CRS for aircraft listed on our Part 145 Certificate.

Aviat Global can manage all your aircraft painting needs

Our 9200sqm facility is the only wide body capable facility in Australasia. Our painting services include:

  • development of repaint drawings and service bulletins
  • production and application of graphics
  • strip and re-finish all aircraft, including rotary types
  • special coatings
  • application of specialist coatings to required military specifications.

Spray and bake booth

Our compliant aircraft paint and re-finishing facility also houses a component spray and bake booth that can accommodate flight controls and large components up to and including helicopters.

  • Baking time: Nominal 40mins
  • Temperature: Nominal 40C. Maximum Limit 70C
  • Internal dimensions: 20.38m long x 6m wide x 5.4m high

On-site re-finishing, painting and restoration

We also offer on-site re-finishing and painting services, including the provision of a temporary paint booth/facility to ensure a professional finish and safe on-site environment. We also provide on and off wing paint restoration options during maintenance checks and routine downtimes.

Contact Aviat Global

For aircraft painting and refurbishment enquiries, call Glen Brabant on +61 419 479 209 or contact us below.

Land and marine special coatings

In addition to aircraft, Aviat Global’s Avalon paint facility can also accommodate land vehicles, large components and marine panels within our compliant, spray bake paint booth.​

Our team have extensive experience in the application of specialist coatings to required military specifications.​

Additional capabilities

In addition to painting services, Aviat Global can also complete maintenance under our CASR Part 145 approvals, and carry out minor modifications from either our Avalon or Melbourne Jet Base facilities.

For aircraft covered by our Part 145 Certificate, we can provide these additional services:

  • arrival and dispatch, including crew liaison, refuelling and servicing
  • component changes, defect and MEL clearance
  • scheduled maintenance such as daily, weekly and EDTO departure checks
  • corrosion inspection, mapping and investigation including liaison with part 21M providers
  • aircraft re-weigh
  • flight control balancing, removal and refitting
  • issue of CRS.
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