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Glen Brabant

Glen Brabant

General Manager MRO

Glen is the Accountable Manager for Aviat Global’s CASR Part 145 Maintenance Organisation Certificate.

Glen is a mechanical engineer with 40 years of experience as a licensed aircraft engineer and airline manager.

Glen’s management career encompasses roles across aircraft heavy maintenance, structural repairs, composites, aircraft painting, interiors and component maintenance. He has configured and managed numerous high profile aviation maintenance projects.

Prior to joining Aviat Global, Glen was the Executive General Manager of Operations for an international airline with responsibilities for airline operations, engineering, flight operations and services. Glen’s career also includes working with the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand.

Ian Harman

Ian Harman

Group Business Development Manager

Ian is responsible for expanding Aviat Global’s capabilities within the Asia-Pacific region and across Europe and the world.

Ian is a qualified engineer, with international experience across the aviation and aerospace recruitment sector. He specialises in providing recruitment and development services.

Ian has successfully established sustainable staffing solutions for major airline and MRO clients including Air New Zealand, Virgin, KLM, Cargolux and Lufthansa. His deep understanding of airline client requirements is key to the successful delivery of high quality outcomes for all of Aviat Global’s clients.

Derek Smith

Derek Smith

Quality and Safety Manager

Derek is responsible for quality and safety at Aviat Global.

Derek’s management career includes 8 years as the Quality and Safety Manager for Cathay Pacific Airlines, followed by 14 years as the Manager Quality and Safety for Qantas.

Prior to his time with Cathay Pacific Airlines, Derek held the positions of Line Station Maintenance Manager and LAME. Derek contributed to the development of CASR Part 145 from 2006 and through its introduction to Qantas in 2013. Derek also contributed extensively to Qantas’s EASA and FAA Part 145 approvals.

Leighton Pittendrigh-Smith

Leighton Pittendrigh-Smith

Line Maintenance Manager

Leighton is responsible for Aviat Global’s line maintenance operations. Leighton is a trained, licensed aircraft engineer and holds a Bachelors of Technology Management degree. He has 26 years experience in aircraft engineering and airline management.

Leighton’s management career has covered roles supervising aircraft heavy maintenance, structural repairs, composites, line maintenance, interiors and component maintenance. He also has experience in acceptance and lease return of aircraft.

Leighton has worked alongside international airlines with responsibilities for airline maintenance, flight engineers and remote special operations and currently chairs an international safety committee and sits on Australian and UK boards.

Sean Adamson

Sean Adamson

Refurbishment Facility Manager

Sean is responsible for managing Aviat Global’s Refurbishment Centre at Avalon Airport.

Sean has 33 years experience in the aviation industry, including working as a qualified painter for an international airline in New Zealand, as an aircraft engineer and in various planning roles including overnight, workshop and work scoping.

Sean is an advocate of continuous improvement and the implementation of 5S and Lean strategies to improve work areas, processes, procedures and systems. Sean’s extensive experience enables him to understand customer needs, and consistently deliver high quality, world class products.

Frank Dang

Frank Dang

Warehouse Logistics and Procurement Manager

Frank is responsible for logistics and procurement at Aviat Global. He has over 15 years of aviation industry experience, working with domestic and international airlines, in warehousing and logistics.

Frank has extensive knowledge of commercial aircraft spare parts supply, procurement and distribution, and has led projects to set up warehouses for several airlines. Frank provided a central role in the planning and implementation of a central distribution center for a major Australasian airline.

Prior to working in the aviation industry, Frank trained as a computer hardware engineer, held national sales roles with notable pharmaceutical companies, and operated a pharmaceutical distribution company.

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