AViat Global Quality and Safety

Responsibility and commitment.


As a CASA Approved Part 145 Aircraft Maintenance Organisation, AViat Global is committed to achieving the highest standards for all activities, through the continual development and application of our Quality Management System and Safety Management System. These systems underpin all policies, procedures and processes within the organisation.


To achieve and maintain safety standards and continued development, AViat Global:

  • Is committed to safety as the number one priority.
  • Supports and encourages the development of a safety culture.
  • Ensures that adequate resources are made available.
  • Establishes timely investigations and takes appropriate action where necessary.
  • Carries out regular reviews to maintain continued compliance.
  • Adheres to industry best practice and continuous improvement principles.


Aviation and operational health and safety is a shared responsibility between AViat Global, our workers and other interested parties.

AViat Global’s Quality and Safety Policy sets the required aviation safety standard for company operations.

AViat Global’s Just Culture policy encourages, supports and protects the participation in safety management processes, that are designed to achieve the highest standards of operational safety.

Quality and Safety Manager

Frank Bonnici is AViat Global’s Quality and Safety Manager. Franks career has spanned 40 years in Aviation and Rail while bringing 30 years of aviation experience to AViat. He brings valuable experience in Asset Management, Engineering Management, Safety Management and Technical Compliance and is passionate about quality, people and doing things right.

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AViat Global are members of the National Safety Council of Australia.