• Expert aircraft maintenance

    Aviat Global facilities are located at Melbourne Airport and Avalon Airport.

Aviat Global aircraft maintenance

CASR Part 145 certification for B787, B737NG, A320, A330 and F100 aircraft types.

Flexible and sustainable aircraft services

Aviat Global’s services include:

  • operating 24 hours, 7 days a week including weekends and public holidays
  • maintenance and painting at Melbourne Airport and Avalon Airport
  • supplying ground support equipment in order to facilitate the work scope requested
  • logistic support and storage for customer owned items
  • fixed price and fixed turn time routine engine and APU changes
  • short notice AOG support, remote and interstate locations, and flying spanner options
  • on and off wing paint capability at Melbourne Airport and Avalon Airport
  • a one stop facility located at Avalon offering full strip, re-paint, refurbishment, minor modifications and servicing.

Aviation maintenance engineers and technicians

Aviat Global’s engineers and technicians provide:

  • B1/B2 licensed aircraft maintenance engineer coverage on approved types
  • trade-qualified aircraft maintenance with AOG, cabin and modification experience.

Contact Aviat Global

For aircraft maintenance enquiries call Leighton Pittendrigh-Smith on +61 407 820 884 or contact us below.

Engine support

Aviat Global has a dedicated engine team and can offer:

  • fixed price engine/APU changes
  • boroscope inspections
  • fan blade replacements
  • engine external ADs/SBs
  • QEC removal and installation
  • long term storage.

24 hour, 7 days a week coverage

Aviat Global is a 24/7 business. Our staff coordinators have authorisation to call additional labour if required within the scope determined by our clients.

Our licensed engineers have authority to implement solutions during their shift, as requested by the airline representative, to ensure on time completion of the maintenance work scope.

Aviat Global offers short notice AOG support and the provision of Flying Spanners.

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Australian aircraft maintenance, aircraft painting and refurbishment for the Asia Pacific Region.

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